Red Veins & Skin Tags

Blemish Removal

Blemishes which can be treated by Advanced Electrolysis are Facial red veins known as Telangiectasia and Spider Nivea as well as small/medium size skin tags on the neck and body.

Please be aware I am unable to treat veins on the legs. Sclerotherapy is the treatment required for this area and should be done by a cosmetic doctor.


Facial Thread Vein Removal

As a skilled Advanced Electrologist with 30 years experience of treating these issues, I find that quite often only one treatment is necessary to clear a small area. However, larger areas or bigger veins may require more than one treatment approximately a month apart.

Facial red veins (known as Telangiectasia) are dilated superficial veins where the blood supply no longer flows away with the rest of the blood in your system.
Telangiectasia are most common on the cheeks and nose. they can vary in appearance from very small broken capillaries to deeper purple/red colour and may appear in lines or as a cluster with a red centre and small veins radiating out known as Spider Naevus.

An in depth consultation will help determine the cause of the problem including lifestyle (such as working outdoors) which may have contributed. I will do a simple pressure test on the area to ensure a result is possible. We will discuss the treatment including necessary post treatment home-care to ensure optimum success.


Skin Tag Removal

The most common Skin Tags are small loose areas of skin, most often occurring around the neck. They may also appear on the body under the breasts, in the underarm and groin areas. Some people are more prone to skin tags than others. They seem to be mostly be caused by friction.
While many tags are quite small (but irritating) in some areas they can become fairly large almost cauliflower like in appearance.
An in depth consultation allows me assess the area, the type of tag and ideal method of removal. The number of tags which can be removed in a single appointment will be discussed
Using Electrolysis the tag is cauterised just above the level of the skin the area is then cooled and you will have post treatment instructions to follow for optimum result. Generally skin tag removal is a single treatment, however if you are prone to them you return for further treatment a few years later.

You can improve the strength and resilience of your skin by:

  • Having a good home skincare regime.
  • Wearing a broad spectrum Daylight (UVA/UVB) Protector 365 days a year
  • Taking supplements such as Rejuvenated Collagen Shots to improve the natural structure of your skin
  • Having regular in salon Facial treatments such as LightFusion to boost and Enhance the natural functions of your skin.


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