Electrolysis & Waxing

Long Term hair removal

Unwanted and unsightly facial hair can be very distressing.

A hormone imbalance may be the reason for this facial hair growth or you may have started by plucking the odd hair and now you’re trying to keep on top of more hairs, more often.

As a Highly Trained and Skilled Electrologist I offer solutions for ‘long term’ hair removal with Sterex Blend Electrolysis and Epil Pro sound wave treatment.

You will need to book a consultation so that I can understand your concerns, and see the problem area. We will discuss how you have dealt with it so far and your options regarding more effective, long term solutions. We will then work out a treatment plan.

It is vital to understand that there is no method of hair removal which works permanently with a single treatment. Regular treatments are necessary to bring about the improvement you desire.

I also offer waxing treatments for temporary & regular removal of unwanted hair on the face and body.


Sterex Blend Electrolysis

Using a blend of 2 electrical currents this proven method of long term hair removal has been around since the early 20th Century.
A probe gently slides into the individual hair follicle to treat the hair at it’s root by chemical destruction. Each hair is removed immediately leaving the area smooth and clear.

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Epil Pro

Epil Pro uses sound wave technology to detach the hair from it’s growth plate.
A Tweezer is held onto the hair, the current flows through the hair to loosen from the root.
This method is excellent on areas such as the upper lip where hairs are finer but in greater number.

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Areas which respond well to waxing are: Eyebrows, Upper Lip, Underarms, Back & Shoulders, Arms, Bikini Line and Legs.

I can use 2 different types of wax; depending on the strength of the hair and the area being treated I will always choose the most comfortable and effective method for you.

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