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My absolute passion is skincare and facials. Because you are unique, every treatment is  adapted to the needs of your skin on the day of your treatment.

Using my experience, knowledge and intuition to select the correct products, together with my skill, energy and intention my hands will ease stress and tension, increase blood flow and promote optimum skin health with every facial.

You will leave the salon calm and relaxed with Balanced, Hydrated, Nourished, Happy, Glowing skin.

The Medik8 and Priori skincare brands I use are created by passionate, leading skincare scientists using clinically proven, evidence based Cosmeceutical ingredients and technologies to achieve optimum skin health.
Whether you have chosen to have a facial to relax and boost your skin or whether you have concerns such as Ageing, Acne, Pigmentation or Dehydration I am able to help.
All treatments are further enhanced by home-care products and fabulous skincare supplements by Rejuvenated Ltd which will Enhance your Natural Beauty everyday.

Ultimate Experience Facial

“It feels like a spa day in a facial” said Rebecca

“That’s not a facial it’s a symphony of touch” says Louise

The Ultimate Facial Experience is a culmination of everything I know and how I have evolved to work; not only using beautiful skincare products but also my focus, knowledge, experience and energy to give you something that feels ‘more than’ a facial.

I ensure the treatment is created for the needs of your skin on the day by assessing and discussing with you prior to treatment. Once this is done you can breathe and relax into the warm cocoon that is my treatment couch.

There are many sensation to be experienced in this facial. That deep cleansing almost squeaky clean feeling to your skin. A tingling of gentle yet effective exfoliation  and the nourishing hydration of serums and massage oil/balm.

The 20 minutes or so of Energetic Wellbeing Massage which incorporates your shoulders, upper back, neck and face will have you floating with the music and soothing energy of my hands as you completely relax into this tranquil space created just for you….. no interruptions, just gentle music, massage and maybe some birds chattering outside.

This massage sensation continues onto your forearms and hands while your face is nourished, soothed or rebalanced with the appropriate face mask.

Your facial treatment is completed with the essential serum, moisturiser and SPF that your skin needs on the day.

You are gently welcomed back into the room and your day with a glass of water with H3O hydration and a spritz of ‘re-fresh’ to awaken and re-energise you.

Treatment time is approx 70 minutes.

Bespoke Facial

Your skin is assessed and the outcome you would like discussed before choosing the correct range and products for your facial.

This 40 minute treatment begins with deep cleansing and effective exfoliation to leave your skin feeling clean and fresh.

Hot stones are placed under your shoulders to aid relaxation while my hands massage your face, soothing and easing any  tension while gently draining toxins from facial muscles.

An appropriate face mask is applied while you continue to relax to the music.

Your treatment concludes with the application of serum, moisturiser and SPF for your specific needs.

You are gentle welcomed back to your day with a glass of water and a spritz of ‘re-fresh’ to uplift and energise you.



LightFusion Facial

LightFusion has 2 wavelengths of light in each LED benefiting all of your skin.
Red Light @ 693nm recharges the mitochondria (battery/power pack) within each skin cell. This action is a bit like plugging your skin into the electric, it immediately recharges and brightens, boosting anti-oxidant protection, leaving your skin with a healthy glow. A real WOW moment.
The (near infrared) White Light @ 833nm works deeper into the skin stimulating the fibroblasts which in turn stimulate collagen and elastin production. This part of the treatment continues working for days afterwards which is why your skin continues to improve for 2-3 days post treatment.
Perfect for all skin types in need of a boost. This treatment can be taken alone as a one off skin boost or for more long term benefits a course of one a week for 4 weeks is recommended.
As well as it’s many skin boosting and anti-ageing benefits such as plumping fine lines and wrinkles and improving overall skin health it can also calm inflamed acne and soothe acne rosacea. Some pigmentation issues may also be improved.
An in depth consultation is required prior to treatment to ensure you have no light sensitive conditions and are not taking any medication which may be contraindicated.


With a diamond tipped wand, Microdermabrasion is an effective yet gentle way to remove surface dead skin cells. Leaving your skin fresh, smooth and brighter.

Microdermabrasion can be a one off treatment or part of a course depending on the needs of your skin.
It can be a stand alone treatment or an added extra to a DeLuxe Facial.
It is very effective at removing surface dead skin cells, allowing your skin to be more receptive to all skincare products used at home.
When we’re young our skin naturally sloughs off and rejuvenates every 28 days but sadly from the age of 30 this process slows down.
Microdermabrasion will help your skin to behave as though it were younger.
It’s also a great way to loosen the surface of unwanted blackheads, allowing for easier gentle extraction and natural cell renewal.
Your treatment always begins with a double cleanse to suit your skin type.
I select the strength and time for comfort and effectiveness.
With a 30 minute treatment a face mask is applied to suit your needs on that day, followed by the correct serum, moisturiser and daylight (UVA+UVB) protection
A 50 minute treatment also includes and restorative, relaxing and rebalancing neck, face and shoulder massage prior to the mask and skincare products.
If you have particularly thickened, dry or congested skin a course of treatments once a week together with the correct homecare routine will leave your skin feeling, younger, fresher and more healthy.

Rejuvenated Skincare Supplements

While there is no ‘hands on treatment’ here it is vital to understand that your skin is the largest organ of your body. Optimum Skin Health isn’t only achieved by what you put on your skin but also by what you put in your body.

Rejuvenated is a family owned, pioneering beauty from within supplement brand creating innovative formulas containing unique blends of natural and active ingredients to ensure incredible results for youthful skin health and well being.  The award-winning capsule collection delivers potent ingredients to skin cells, promoting inner health and outer beauty for soon to be results and long term health.

I use Rejuvenated Skincare Supplements daily and recommend them alongside all treatments.
I’m happy to discuss which of these fabulous products would be of benefit to you and the concerns  you may have about your skin and health.

Daylight Protection (sunscreen) is your most vital skincare product. The effects of the sun and the infrared and blue light from our computer screens cause damage and potential premature ageing of our skin Every Day 365 days of the year.
UVA are the ‘ageing’ rays of the sun these are present 365 days of the year, they get through cloud and glass to be absorbed into our skin causing ‘free radicals’ which in turn cause damage to our skin.
UVB are the ‘burning’ rays these don’t penetrate so deeply into our skin but cause superficial redness and burning … skin cancers are more likely to develop when the skin has been burnt by the sun.
Infrared and Blue Light are emitted from our mobile phones, tablets and laptops so it is vital that you use a Daylight Protection product even if you ‘work from home’.
All of the skincare ranges I use offer a broad spectrum Daylight Protection to be applied on top of your moisturiser and under your make-up.
It is vital that we apply a broad spectrum Daylight Protector every morning and top up during the day in the months when the sun is at it’s strongest.

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