Post Lockdown Skin Boost – Facials

12th March, 2021

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Facials are the perfect way to give your skin a boost as we come out of Lockdown.

Whether you’ve been shielding, at home because of lockdown, working from home or still going out to work everyday. The benefits of a Facial treatment cannot be understated.

There are thousands of experienced, highly qualified Beauty Therapists and Skincare Specialists * who will be delighted to welcome you once salons re-open in April (hopefully).

Every salon owner and Therapist will have chosen a range or ranges of skincare products and treatments that they love and recommend. By going to a professional, (rather than a beauty counter in a store) you will be able to voice your concerns talk about your existing regime and have an in depth skin assessment prior to your treatment.

Most Therapists will be able to adapt their treatment menu to deliver the best treatment and result for your skin on that day.

Remember you are unique and so is your skin, it changes and reacts to the weather, your working environment and whatever stresses and strains you are experiencing on that day. So you may have booked a deep cleansing facial but if your skin really needs soothing your Therapist will be able to discuss and adapt.

A Facial is more than a skin treatment it is an experience and worth allowing yourself the time to relax and enjoy it with no pressure to be racing out of the door. Many treatments will take 45-60 minutes but you may need to allow up to 90 minutes for pre treatment questions and any post treatment queries.

Your facial treatment will usually include:

  • A professional cleanse and exfoliate appropriate for your skin type
  • A facial or neck shoulder and facial massage… this incredibly relaxing part of the treatment will release tension, you may not even be aware you’re holding while increasing the flow of blood and lymph for optimum skin function.
  • A treatment mask …. your relaxation continues while this does it’s job to balance, refresh and hydrate your skin.
  • Products such as a serum and moisturiser will be applied suitable for your skin’s needs that day
  • Finally an essential Daylight (UVA/UVB) Protector will be applied.

At the end of your treatment your skin will feel refreshed and rejuvenated and when you look in the mirror you will be delighted with the bright and glowing skin reflecting back at you.

There are a wide variety of Facial treatments and your Therapist will discuss future treatments and courses if they are of interest to you.

* To find the right Therapist for you in your area visit BABTAC website @

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