3 tips to refresh winter/post lockdown skin.

12th March, 2021

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A few tips to help refresh your skin as we head towards the spring.

NUMBER 1 Exfoliate – when we’re in our 20’s our skin naturally sheds and renews every 28days, sadly as we age that naturally slows down. So adding an exfoliator to your cleansing routine is a great way to invigorate and stimulate your skin.

Ideally it will have bio-degradable spherical beads (avoid apricot kernels as they can be a bit jagged) add a small amount to your cleanser once or twice a week, massage into your skin focusing on your chin, jawline, nose, neck and forehead – being gentler on your cheeks. Allow to work for a few minutes then rinse off with warm water.

If you don’t have an exfoliator product then use you regular cleanser and work into your skin really well, rinse/wipe it off with a muslin cloth, mitt or flannel using circular motions to create an exfoliating effect.

NUMBER 2 Hydrate – Water is an essential element for the healthy function of every cell in our bodies. Central Heating and winter weather can increase Trans Epildermal Water Loss (TEWL) – leaving our skin feeling dry and looking lacklustre. Increasing the amount of plain water you drink each day can help.

However even that can sometimes not be enough as we need to have the right balance of electrolytes to aid absorption through the cell walls. Adding a hydration supplement to your water such as Rejuvenated H3O is a simple way to rebalance the natural functions of your cells and skin. Add to your bottle/glass of water at least once a day and ideally during/after exercise.

NUMBER 3 Boost – Give your skin an extra boost by adding a weekly face mask into your routine, something that brightens and hydrates without drying will be ideal, there are some that can be left on overnight for super special hydration.

OR add a Serum or AHA product to your daily routine:

Serums generally have a smaller molecular size or a delivery system that gets the necessary ingredients to where they are most needed in the skin, helping to balance the lipid barrier and prevent TEWL.

AHA products containing Lactic acid stimulate our skins natural Hyaluronic Acid (water retention) balance. Hyaluronic Acid holds up to 1000x it’s weight in water and is essential for the creation and maintenance of healthy skin.


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