Be Sun Safe

10th May, 2021

3 min read

Sunscreen – or as I prefer to call it Daylight Protection is your Daily Anti-Ageing Essential:

The effects of the sun contribute to Free Radical Damage within the skin cells causing pigmentation and collagen breakdown.

Despite increased knowledge of the dangers of the sun, incidences of Skin Cancer are increasing year on year. The unseen damage to skin in your teens will generally begin to show in your 30’s as pigmentation or fine wrinkles.

The sun emits 2 rays which reach the earth and contribute to skin damage. These days most reputable daily sunscreens offer protection against both of these rays. Many now also have added environmental protection as well as ingredients to protect against the radiation emitted from your computer screen and phone or tablet.

UVB is the one we’re most aware of as it is the ray which Burns .. an SPF Factor is the way of measuring the length of time you’re protected.

For Example: If your unprotected skin would begin to burn (or go red) after 15 minutes in the sun an SPF30 would give you 450 minutes (approx 7 hours) of protection in a 24 hour period.

However: If you’re in strong midday sun or on holiday you will need to re-apply product every 45/60 minutes to ensure good and continuous protection.

UVA: is Ageing …  it penetrates deeper into the skin and is around every day of the year penetrating through cloud and glass.

Look at your hands if you’re a regular driver – your right hand (which is often higher on the steering wheel) may have more age spots (sun damage) and wrinkles than your left.

To know if your product has UVA protection check for a circle/oval containing the letters UVA or a star rating (needs to be 5 *).

Be aware: To be effective you need to apply a minimum of 1 teaspoon Sun (Daylight) Protector to your face and neck every morning. Remember – if it is included in your moisturiser that will be more than 1 pump of product.

All reputable Skincare Companies offer products with 2nd skin technology, meaning they are non greasy, do not contribute to blackheads or spots and allow you to apply make-up on top. Alongside cream protectors there are now mineral powder sunscreens which can offer similar protection and are great for children (school book bags), for top up applications during the day, outdoor sports players and for men (especially thinning or bald heads).


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